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It has been a very busy 2018 for Heather Eatherton Photography, and that makes my photographer’s heart very happy! While I love taking outdoor family photos all around my beautiful town of Park Ridge, I have been loving my time in the HEP studio capturing newborn & milestone portraits.

So. Many. Cute. Little. Ones!!

My first newborn session in January was a wonderful way to start the year. Little Connor was just 9 days new, and he was an absolute dream to work with. He graciously slept for over 2 hours straight, so I was able to move quickly and get a lot of variety for Mom & Dad in his gallery. But my journey with this family started last Fall, when I met Niki & Tim in Glenview at the The Grove for their maternity portraits.

Even though it was late November, and there wasn’t much to look at it it terms of background, Mom & Dad really stole the show with their love for one another, and their little baby boy-to-be (and that early sunset glow helped a lot too!)

Mom & Dad could not wait to meet their little guy, and I was anxiously awaiting the call that would come in January, a little over a week early…. Newborn portraits to follow!

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