6 Month Milestone Session | HEP Studio | Park Ridge, IL

Milestone Portrait Session | Park Ridge, IL | Chicago-Area Photographer

Wow, it sure has been a long time since I’ve blogged about a session! I can’t think of a better time to jump back into it then to share photos from adorable Della’s 6 month milestone session, taken at my very own HEP studio.

Most 6 month sessions are pretty tame, with baby just learning to sit on their own, and usually content to just be placed in various bowls and crates… but not Miss Della! Imagine my surprise when she arrived at the studio and was in full-on crawl mode. This little lady was on. the. move!

It definitely made things interesting, but Mom & I were happy to capture some of these great poses of Della with some of my new backdrops & props (especially this mid-century modern chair that I LOVE!) It’s the perfect size for sitters!

Just look at all those yummy rolls!

Mom also wanted to capture a few photos of Della with her blanket from when SHE was a baby, and I thought that was such an awesome addition to her gallery!

It won’t be long until Della is up and walking all on her own. Guess I better be ready to run at her 1st birthday session!

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