Scouting New Locations in the Southwest Suburbs

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I am always on the hunt for new session locations! I want to be able to offer a wide variety of “natural backdrops” for my clients, all in one destination, within a short drive of where they live.

Last week, I took my assistant/model (aka, Cole/CJ) out with me again on a warm, sunny morning. I have to say, he’s very accommodating for the most part… so long as I have a pocket-full of Smarties. But once the candy runs out, it’s every man for himself!

This trip, I focused primarily on the Southwest suburbs of Chicago– specifically Fullersburg Woods in Oakbrook and Barth Pond in Downers Grove. I was actually very familiar with Patriots Park at Barth Pond, having played there many times growing up. But they recently renovated the playground and the surrounding grounds and I have to say, it really looks wonderful. I am looking forward to getting stunning portraits there this summer!

MG_4871-1024x683-85x85   _MG_4987   _MG_4951   _MG_4949   _MG_4881   _MG_5070

Fullersburg Woods came recommended to me, and I had never been there before. But it was another beautiful, and very peaceful, location. CJ really enjoyed the nature center there; playing puzzles and learning all about the animals living nearby. It was tough to get him out of the tree house to get some photos of him.

_MG_4857   _MG_4851   _MG_4827   _MG_4824   _MG_4812   _MG_4808         _MG_4747     _MG_4721     _MG_4784     _MG_4780

If you live near Oakbrook or Downers Grove and would like to book a session at either of these locations, please call me at (773)531-5704 or email and I’d be happy to discuss dates and times with you. And even if you don’t book a session with me, I highly encourage you visit them on your own one day. You won’t be disappointed!

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